5 Super 110's Gabardine Wool Men's Suits for $499!

5 Super 110's Gabardine Wool Men's Suits for $499!
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5 Super 110's Gabardine Wool Suits for $499.00! THAT'S ONLY $100 EACH! You'd be hard pressed to beat that price in New York or Los Angeles' garment districts. What a great deal! These suits routinely retail for between $400-$500! Don't be fooled by our competitors discount suit package deals. Often, those aren't even wool suits. If they are wool, they aren't Super 110's wool! We are really delivering designer suit quality at discount suit prices! These gabardine wool suits have 110 threads per square inch and will stand the test of time! Walk in looking like you own the place and maybe one day you will!
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  • Fully Lined Jacket:
  • Pants Lined to the Knee:
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Price $1,299.00